June 11th 2015
Mission (partly) completed ... The "BIG" pieces have safely arrived in Vaasa, Finland!

20150611 01

June 9th 2015
And off we go! ​

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June 9th 2015
Today we are loading a full truck with parts on different locations in the Netherlands for delivery to Vaasa. Well.... parts.... still a weight of 9500 kgs on one piece! ​

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June 2nd 2015
After shipment from USA to Rotterdam and customs release (arranged by us - of course:)) we can unload the 3x 40' Open Top containers in our Rotterdam warehouse where we have 3 trailers ready for loading and take off to Vaasa, Finland.
Our client attended the un - and reloading and was impressed by the professionalism and kindness of our staff !

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June, 2nd 2015
Today we loaded the first of 8 trailers in Germany. Heading straight to the plant in Finland

20150102a 20150102b 20150102c

1st of May 2015
Today the USA part of our "Vaasa Finland Project" starts! After several months of planning and meetings we are very excited the project is starting today! At least for us, as the suppliers of this huge Biomass installation are working on producing these machines and parts already for a much longer time.

3 Static pieces of a complete recycling installation are being supplied by CBI Inc to the port of Newark for loading on to flat racks. We will arrange shipment of these pieces to the port of Antwerp where we will unload the flat racks and load the pieces on our special equipped trucks for a fast trip to Finland.

In total we will be transporting 18 trucks to Vaasa, Finland ! More information and pictures to follow ......

Click here to see the pictures and video's of the arrival of the pieces in the port of Newark and the crane loading ex truck on to the flat racks.

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